About us

With helytörténet.com (means local history), a plan of many decades has been realized. I have started to dreaming about it in the 90’s, working as an antiquarian and auction seller. An antique shop specialised for paper antiques, rather than books, which has been plenty enough anyway.

What is a paper antique? It could be anything old and historical that is made of paper: postcard, letter, envelope, ticket, photograph, map, card calendar, stamp, passport, invitation card and so on. In this context, old refers antiques from the early 20th century, or from the 19th century or even from earlier ages.

Almost everybody has paper antiques: one collects them, one would like to sell them and one might throw them away. With this webstore, I intend to address all these people, say so everybody.

I have tried to find something common and overlapping in my items gathered, and finally it has been succeeded: settlements, Hungarian cities and villages, local history from A to Z.

In the store, you can browse and shop for your pleasure – keep in mind: there is only one piece from every item. I hope you find the process simple and clear. You can search for settlements, for instance the place you born or lived, or a place meaningful for you otherwise. You can search also for counties and countries, since the interesting, however not always glorious, Hungarian history has resulted in the peculiarity that nowadays, the originally Hungarian settlements are located in 8 different countries. You can search for categories as well, for example postcard, photograph, stamp, etc. Additionally, you can search for family names, professions and anything else.

The buying is very simple and it only takes one step. For simplicity, I have decided to ship free. No matter the quantity and the value of your order, the shipping is completely free and highly recommended in every case, for the safety of both the client and the seller. Your only job is to pick something from the store, pay via one of the payment methods and sit back. Your order will be delivered within 5 working days.

I hope to pique your interest being a customer, a seller or both.


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